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In the light of the current need to be greener for the environment, use less fuel for price and taxes and to sail quiet Esco Power has continued the development of their Parallel Hybrid Transmission(PHT). The PHT can now be offered with a Hybrid Electric Solution Package (HESP) which contains: frequency inverter, control lever, hybrid screen, PLC, software,…all the elements required for a fully operational system. Thanks to the ratio the electrical motor/generators have a compact size and are water-cooled. Thanks to the software you will have 5 operational modes: electric, diesel, automatic, boost and generator mode. In automatic mode you will switch from electric to diesel and back automatically so both engines can be used in there optimum curve which gives you a fuel reduction and increased lifetime of diesel engine. In generator mode you can use your main engines fully as a variable speed generator, so no need for a big generator set on board. Thanks to a partner we are also capable of offering the battery package to our customers. 

Some of the advantages:

  • Small electrical motor/generators
  • Strong PTO/PTI
  • Smooth Operation
  • Different Ratio’s
  • Two drivelines

Already several ships are sailing with our Parallel Hybrid Transmission around the world discover them at our booth and let us guide you to your hybrid future.

A visit to our hybrid showroom is always possible.

Contact:E de Backer
Telefoon:0032 0 27176490
E-mail:[email protected]
Adres:48 av. Ernest Solvay
B1480 Saintes



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